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Once you’ve successfully registered for a new account and logged in, you are free to begin uploading. The Kolivri platform supports both videos and photos. Each individual file upload is presented as an individual form allowing you to edit the details for that file while your upload progresses. A title is required but the remainder of the information is optional. The Kolivri uploader currently supports the mp4, jpg and png file types.

Upload tutorial

Content Requirements:

As with any digitally captured video or photo, the higher the original quality the better the final result will be after any manipulation has occurred. To experience the best results on our platform and to enable proper display across as many devices as possible, we recommend the following original file specifications:

Original Video Specs

File Size: Max 1GB
Width: max. 4096 pixels (4K), optimal: 2048 pixels
Codec: h.264
Format: mp4
Type: equirectangular
FPS: 25-60
Bitrate: max 10Mbps

The format you need to upload, is 360 spherical (equirectangular) panorama video.
If you’re new to 360 video, we suggest checking out the 360 Video Fundamentals.

Original Photo Specs

File Size: Max 10MB
Format: JPEG, PNG
Type: equirectangular

These are the required specifications at the moment, we are currently working on further extensions to produce the highest quality output. On the next wave, Kolivri platform will properly convert your originally uploaded file into the versions needed for properly optimized delivery. If you’re new to panoramic photography, we suggest checking out this guide to panoramic photography, and the guide for creating 360 spherical panoramas.


Adding your video or photo to one or more categories helps to better organize your content and allows us to present it to other Kolivri users that have indicated their interest in these categories.


Tags offer more fine-grained and dynamic control over the organization of your video or photo on the Kolivri platform. You can choose tags when you first create your photo or video and also when editing it.